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(A man approaches.)

Man: “I need to check in. I have a reservation.”

Me: “Okay what is your name?”

Man: “Under the name [Name].”

(I pull up his reservation.)

Me: “Ok, just to verify, this reservation is made until next Saturday, correct? That’s a week from now.”

Man: “Oh yeah, but I maybe will not stay the whole week. I’m not sure.”

Me: “Ok, well, once you know, just let us know, okay? And just to let you know, if you do decide to shorten your stay, your rate will be higher.”

Man: “WHAT! That’s not fair!”

Me: “E-excuse me?”

Man: “Why shouldn’t my rate stay the same? Just because of that?”

Me: “Because you have the special rate for the whole 7 nights, sir. If that’s not done, then your rate will go higher.”

Man: “That’s Bulls***! Every time this happens, every single time!”

(He rants about pulling the old bait and switch trick on him, and how we are con artists out to get his money and he won’t have it. The manager heard him yelling her head off at me and approaches.)

Manager: “Is there a problem?”

Man: “Yes, there is a problem, you guys are trying to trick me! You guys said that rate is [special week rate] and that’s what’s gonna be!! I don’t give a hoot if I stay a week or not, I can leave when I please!! And I’m gonna keep my rate that I was promised!!”

Manager: “Sir, it’s our policy and when you make a reservation with us, you agree to all our policies.”

Man: *sneers* “This policy is somethin’ you just pulled outta your a** right now!” *waves a printout of his reservation in our faces* ” “Where does it say? Huh?”

(The manager shows him on the printout that the man had where it said ‘Rates may change if the reservation is changed’ in fine print.)

Manager: “See?”

Man: “Oh.” *silent for a moment*

(We relax, thinking he FINALLY understands.)

Man: “…But I STILL want my RATE to not change if I don’t stay the week!!! I have half a mind to go to your competitor next door right now!!!”

(The manager continues to try to reason with him, but he finally goes next door, smugly. Jokes on him, though. That hotel is also owned by the same owner! Next morning we get an email from them about him: ‘WTF?!’)

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