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Here is a story you might really understand.

I get a call on my first night working here at this pizza place:


M: Thank you for calling _____, this is Mae, would you like to try,etc..
C: Uh.. I want you to get me…*lists 10 things before I can ask information*
M: Oh, uh. I need to get your name and address first, before our system will let me put in your order.
C: What? No you fucking don’t. I’m in your system you idiot. Check again.
M: Sorry sir, but your number is not attached to anything in my system.
C: That’s fine. Whatever. Anyways I want *starts listing items off again*
M: Sir? I still need to get your information before I can proceed.
C: You don’t need to know shit.
(Being smart at this point, I manipulate the conversation)
M: Well, how can we deliver this tasty pizza and breadsticks if I don’t know who I am talking to, or where you live?
C: Uh.. Well… *Gives a shitty description of his address, which takes me another 5 minutes to comprehend*
M: Alright. Now that I have that information, what can I get you?
C: I already told you! Don’t you fucking listen?
M: I am new. Sorry. Can you repeat it, so I can put it in please?
C: What specials do you have?
M:uh.. I think we ha-
C: I don’t give a shit what you THINK you have. I want to know what you KNOW you have.
M: That is just how I talk. What we have is *lists off specials*
C: Alright. I’ll take the large meat lovers pizza for $13… Then I want you to add olives to it, and extra sausage.
M: I’m afraid I can’t give you that deal if you add anything to the pizza, unless you take some toppings off. You can get another pizza and add the olives and extra sausage to it though.
C: Uhh? Okay so go ahead and get me the meat lovers with those things added?
M: Okay.. Would you like an ice cold pepsi or mountain dew with that? Maybe a (inward thought of pot) brownie with that?
C: No. Just want my fucking pizza. I’ll give your guy 15 minutes, or I won’t pay.
M: It will take 45 minutes to an hour. We are busy, and it is a Friday. If you pick it up, it will be 25 minutes. The total comes out to (17 something)
C: What?! You said I could add on the stuff and have it still be $13! Don’t fucking jack the price up on me for no reason!

Okay… I think you get the idea. This went on for THIRTY MINUTES. Luckily I only had this one customer, since it was after shit died down. I ended up getting the manager to take his order, and started to ask him as he hung up: So, was it as good for you as it was me?

His response was to look at the phone and go: “Jack Ass.”

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