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I worked at a VA international airport as a ramp agent. It was one of those evenings when flights were delayed and we had to stay a few extra hours to get everything out. It was after 1AM, I should have been home asleep, but there I was, tired and not in a good mood.

At one point I was instructed to go to one of our gates and get the flights going. For some reason I walked through the terminal instead of going directly outside. I was in full uniform: blue shirt with the airline logo, navy blue pants, black shoes, (rather over-sized) yellow reflective vest with the company name in big letters on the back, billed cap with “777” on the front, and my SIDA badge strapped to my arm. As I was making my way to the gate, I hear someone behind me calling out. I turn to face a passenger who was looking worried.
Me: “Yes, sir?”
Passenger: “Excuse me……do you work here?”