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(My outpatient clinic receives a few phone calls a week that follow this basic pattern, but this one was unusually bad.)

Me: This is the (Clinic Name) my name is (My Name), how can I help you?

Patient: I need to make an appointment to have (Name of Procedure) done.

Me: Okay, let me just get your information, and we’ll get you an appointment.

(I get her info, ask her Dr’s name and whether the Dr gave her an order to bring with her for the procedure or if she was going to call the Dr’s office and ask them to fax it to us.)

Patient: Yeah, just call (Dr’s Office) and tell them to send you one.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but the patient has to contact their own doctor.

Patient: *immediately hostile* Whatcha mean you can’t call my doctor?

Me: We don’t call doctors for orders ma’am.

Patient: Well, you can’t expect me to call for you. You’re the one who wants this order. Besides, every time I call my doctor I have to wait on the phone forever.

Me: Well yes ma’am, that’s why we can’t call doctors’ offices. We see more than 50 patients a day. There’s just no way to call that many offices.

Patient: That’s just ridiculous. Besides, my doctor told me he wasn’t giving me any prescriptions ’til I pay my bills. So you’re gonna have to call him anyway.

Me: No ma’am, I can’t do that for you.

Patient: Well, just find me a different doctor then.

Me: Um, no ma’am, I can’t do that either.

Patient: *yelling now* This is the kind of s**t I always get from y’all. Last time I came y’all screwed up with my insurance.

Me: Well, I can take a look at what was going on with your insurance right now so there won’t be a problem when you get here. *typing* It looks like you were put in as a no insurance self pay last time.

Patient: Yeah, y’all didn’t file it right.

Me: We don’t seem to have an insurance on file for you and you only came to us once two years ago so we didn’t have a prior insurance on file.

Patient: I told that lady she was gonna have to call my insurance company because I lost my cards.

Me: If you’ll give me the card info now I can get it in the system for you.

Patient: I just told you I lost my cards.

Me: You lost your cards two years ago and you never got a replacement?

Patient: Yeah

Me: Okay. I can probably get some information from your insurance company website so that you can get a new card sent to you. What’s the name of your insurance company?

Patient: How should I know? That’s your job to know that.

Me: Alright ma’am. Just give us a call back when you get an order from a doctor. *hangs up*