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(I am a cashier at a big grocery store, we have 3 whole stories, on 2 of which the check outs are located. We have to always ask the customers, who are buying veggies, about the specific type of the veggie, whether it is organic, the store brand or some other brand, to specify the price, because it is not always stated on the certain product.)

Customer: (buys some items along with 2 mangos, of which we have 3 kinds of. His werent labelled, so I had to ask him which ones he had picked.)

Me: Excuse me, but are these the organic mangos or the normal ones from the other side of the isle?

Customer: Wait, WHAT?! Are you seriously asking ME, what kind of mangos there are??!!

Me: Well, yes?…

Customer: Well, YOU are supposed to know these things! How can I buy something that you don´t know about?

Me: They are not labeled so i need to know which ones they are.

Customer: Aren´t you being schooled on such things?! (as a parttimer, although I have been working for more than 4 years for the same store, you get a one-day-training by a senior coworker and that´s it, but I doubt this guy knew that) Well, I dont want to buy them anymore!

Me: I just need you to tell me if they are organic or not!

Customer, screaming: I´m not buying them anymore! (He proceeds to rush out of the store, leaving his items behind. I had a good chuckle with my coworkers after that.)