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Me: Thank you for calling XYZ Cruise lines..my name is () how can I help you?

TA: hello I want to add on gratuities

Me: sure…

TA: wait.. wait ….WAIT ….can you HOLD for me one second while I take this other call?

Me: silence..ta puts me on hold.

TA: hello, hello, HELLO are you there?

Me: yes, I was holding.

Ta: I want to pre pay gratuties.

Me: Can I have the booking number please?

Ta: there are 3

Me: I really only just need one to start with:

TA: gives the booking number

Me: verifies guests and sailing.
Me: I’m happy to add on pre paid gratuities, however, I would be taking payment today for these.

TA: Silence.

Me: I feel there is a piece missing, as currently, there is no money paid on any of these bookings.

TA: oh I don’t actually want to add on pre paid gratuities.

Me: Silence (since this is the reason she called in, wtf am I supposed to say?)

TA: I just need to know HOW MUCH THEY ARE.

Me: I calulate price and give it to her.

Ta: I thought gratuities weren’t going up until next year?

(clearly the TA knows more than she’s letting on…I don’t know why she’s calling)

Me: Yes, they are going up, and your guests ARE SAILING NEXT YEAR. So the price I’m quoting you, is correct.

TA: oh, well ok, fine, can you put them on the booking?

(so,we’ve already had this conversation)

Me: I’d be happy to, I just need the credit card to take payment

TA: but they don’t want to pay today. They haven’t put anymoney down yet.

(deja vu)

Me: Ok,that’s fine.But I can’t add anything with out taking payment. When they are ready to pay,we’ll put them on.

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