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(There are two separate customers in the self serve area and I’m helping one couple at their machine, trying to get them to understand the simple instructions, but the woman at the next copier keeps huffing and looking at me, and complaining to herself. Finally I look over at her)

Me: Are you having a problem?

Customer: YES! First it wouldn’t read my card because I put it in before it asked me to, and now that I’ve done it the way it wants, it’s telling me to remove my card!!!

Me: .. Uh… That’s because you have to remove it….

Customer: Oh.

(I go back to helping my original customers but the other lady gets all huffy and loud again)

Me: What’s happening?

Customer: It won’t do anything! The screen is just black!

Me: Did you press the ‘on’ button?

Customer: It should already be on!

Me: Did you see the sign on the copier that says the press the ‘on’ button if the screen is black? They go into sleep mode when they’re not in use.

Customer: Oh

(I go back to helping the original customer, but see out of the corner of my eye that she’s putting the paper on the glass the wrong way)

Me: That’s going to cut off half your paper, ma’am. Make sure you put it the way the picture on the left shows you.

Customer: Huh?

Me: See the diagram on the left side of the copier? That’s how you have to put your paper

(The original customers weren’t super happy either. ha)

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