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Okay this isnt really stupidity, but god damn is this adorable. I work at a subway. Im trying to figure out how im going to ask my girl to homecoming. Me and this coworker are having a discussion.

Me: I dunno man
CW: Bro, i got this. She comes by here often, correct?
Me: Yea, thats how we met.
CW: Okay, second question, does she get any sort of dressing on her sandwich

Gears begin to spin, i grin

Me: remind me to gift you that league of legends skin you want

Bae comes in

Cw: Yo K your friend is here
Me: perfect. I assume your usual?
Bae: yes

I prep the sandwich, writing Hoco? in the dressing. I give her the sandwich before i put the top bun on.
Me: Does everything look good
Bae: its perfect, not a flaw
Me: look a little closer.

She demands i get out from behind the counter. I look at my manager. He nods, eavesdropping in on the whole thing. I give the sandwich to my friend, and he finishes prepping it. I walk out and am greeted with a massive hug.

Me: i assume this is a yes?

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