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(I am working the customer service desk at a grocery store that sells public transit passes and booklets of 10 transit tickets. A middle-aged lady approaches the desk).
Customer: *points to an old transit ticket in her wallet) 5.
Me: *thinking she means she wants 5 individual tickets* Unfortunately, we only sell them in booklets of 10.
Customer: 5.
Me: Um they only come in packs of 10 *holds out my elastic band of the packs of tickets*
Customer: *grabs all the tickets out of my hand and counts out 5 packs of tickets without saying anything*
Me: Okay…That will be *price*.
Customer: *pays silently with cash*
Me: Alright here’s your receipt! Have a nice day!
Customer: *doesn’t move and silently stares at me*
(I spent about 5 minutes explaining the price of the tickets and how they come while a line forms behind her before finally…)
Me: Oh did I forget to give you your change.
Customer: *finally speaking* Yes.
Me: *groans inwardly* Ok there is your change! Have a good day!
(She stayed there again for nearly 10 minutes staring at her receipt and slowly putting her 50 bus tickets away while other customers had to awkwardly scoot around her.)

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