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I work as a security guard. On this day I am at a convention center working a girls volleyball tourney with about 25,000 people in attendance and maybe 100 or so courts being played on as well as warm up areas, vendor areas, and conference rooms.
Man: “Where’s my daughter’s thing at?”
Me: Are you looking for her match? Are you looking for her team? Is she scheduled for a seminar? Did she lose something? Please be more specific.
Man: *pulls out cell phone and has a brief conversation* then to me, “HER VOLLEYBALL THING ! WHY IS THIS SO F***ING HARD, D*******?”
Me: That way, take a left at hall three and go through those doors.
Coworker: How did you know where he wanted to go? He gave us zero information!
Me: I didn’t. I gave him directions to the loading dock. The doors will lock behind him. He will have to walk all the way back around to the front of the facility, and pay to get in again.
About a half hour later the same man comes back fuming and raging and cursing and screaming and demanding to see my boss, so my coworker gives him the exact directions i gave him before.
He walks away cursing the entire time.
Never saw him again.

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