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In the UK the American Express credit card has never taken off, most likely due to the higher fees charged compared to Visa or Mastercard, despite their extensive TV marketing with the phrase “American Express, don’t leave home without it!”.

I was waiting in line at Dominoes Pizza to order a take away and stuck behind two business types chatting away. One of them was keen to impress the other and spoke with an american accent.

After placing their order the cashier confirmed the amount and the oh so keen American gent piped up “Oh, let me get these!” and pulled out his wallet. He produced his American Express card and offered it to the cashier who looked it over and said “I’m sorry, we don’t accept american express”.

The American chap was a bit lost for words and clearly didn’t have alternative payment, while his English companion stood silent weighing up the situation… does he offer to pay but potentially embarass his visitor or wait to see the outcome.

Stood behind I couldn’t help myself, I leant forwards and said “American express? You should have left home without it”.

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