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(I used to work at a run down discount grocery store, one that to this day has never entered the 21st century, still using CRT monitors, not accepting ANY debit or credit cards despite being a chain, and often needing to type in each item manually. I worked as a supervisor and customer service associate for 2 years, and I prided myself on always keeping my temper, even with the most nasty customers. Today is slightly slow, but I immediately come to attention as a man approaches customer service.)

Me: Welcome to [Store]. What can I help you with?

Customer: I bought this bread yesterday and it’s moldy, I need to return it.

Me: Ok, I’ll just need the original receipt and I can get started on that for you.

(The customer then proceeds to throw the bread down on the counter and throw a tantrum.)

Customer: Yo, I paid $1.49 for this bread! I shouldn’t need a receipt to return it! You is f*****g ridiculous!

Me: Sir, I’m sorry about that, but our policy states you need the original receipt to make a return.

(At this point, I notice the bread is congealed and barely recognizable, and the expiration date is from 2 months before, but this doesn’t stop him from throwing down a crumpled faded receipt)

Me: I could have offered an exchange, but clearly this bread was bought much longer ago than you’re saying, and the receipt shows that as well.

Customer: I want a g****n manager, you f*****g trash!

(I call the manager and he proceeds to tell the man the same thing I did, so he storms off and returns with a brand new package of the same bread.)

Customer: I want this. Here’s the money you f*****g r****d.

(The customer walks out of the store after paying, and then walks back in, the old bread now in the packaging of the new bread, with an expiration date that hasn’t happened yet. He throws his new, yet crumpled receipt on the counter.)

Customer: I want a refund for this bread, f****r.

Me: Sir, you clearly just put the old bread in the new package, I can even see some of it on your hands. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Customer: F**k you, you piece of s**t! Refund my f*****g $1.49!

Me: Sorry sir, I can’t help you, I’ll call the manager to help you to the exit.

(At this point he grabs the bread and flips me off, while also trying to grab some change I was giving another customer. He missed and the other customer rushed away.)

Customer: I’ll be back f****r, and imma shoot you up when I am! I’ll get my glock and then you gonna give me my money!

(He runs out the door as my manger walks up, I explain the situation, and he tells me to get over it. A week later I quit and started working for another discount store in the area. Gladly, I never saw that man again. Another year later, I’m no longer at a dead end retail job, and I’m working in the business office of the largest used car company in the world, loving every second of it.)

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