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(In Britain it is illegal to sell alcohol in stores before 10 am since that isn’t the case in most other countries I have to apologize and explain this to many tourists who are unfamiliar with this law. I don’t really expect to have to explain it to other British people since its a common known law but it does occur sometimes. On this day a British customer approaches me with his daughter and tries to buy some.)

Me: *Ringing up a full basket of groceries and finding a bottle of whiskey at the bottom of the basket* Oh I’m sorry sir we can’t sell this right now.

Customer: What do you mean?

Me: The alcohol, it’s illegal for us to sell this before 10 o’clock.

Customer: *suddenly yelling* Well I didn’t see any signs!

Me: *stammering* S-sorry, but that’s the law.

Customer: You’re f***ing ridiculous!

(He then storms off without the rest of his shopping and leaves his daughter standing embarrassed and bewildered with the unpaid for shopping. She mouths a small “sorry” and follows him out. They didn’t come back and I had to travel down 8 different aisles putting his shopping back on the shelves whilst still manning my till all because this man couldn’t get a drink at 7am)

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