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(After returning from a rather sunny two week holiday I return to work with a rather fantastic tan. I work at a museum cafe and its been a fairly slow day.)

Me: Hi there, what can I get you?
Customer: *Stares at me confused*
Me: Sir?
Customer: *continues to stare*
Me: Would you like tea, coffee or maybe a sandwich?
Customer: This is a Scottish museum right?
Me: yes, sir it is.
Customer: Oh. Not much authenticity in the staff then.
Me: *I’m confused at first but then figure hes complaining that I’m not ginger or wearing tartan* What do you mean?
Customer: like in Chinese restaurants they hire Chinese people.
Me: uh huh, and?
Customer: * getting embarrassed*Never mind. I’ll have a latte.
Me: Okay, that’s £X.XX, please.
Customer: *pays* So what part of India are you from?
Me: …

(I’m Caucasian)

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