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I was standing in line at a fast-food place. The line next to the one I was in was being handled by a trainee and her supervisor. It was apparent that it was the trainee’s first day on the job and she was understandably nervous.

The people in the line were patient and pleasant and more than willing to cut the trainee some slack while she learned to use the order screen. Until an older man stepped up to the counter, barked his order, and then decided to berate the trainee for “not smiling.” The poor girl was close to tears and her supervisor had a comforting hand on her shoulder, when the jerk turned to me. I guess because I’m an older woman he thought he’d have a sympathetic audience. “These kids never heard of service with a smile!”

As it happens, I’ve stood behind my share of counters in my life. So I said, loud and clear, “Who do you think you are, Dale Carnegie? You leave her alone!” It was very satisfying to see Mr. Smiley turn bright red and slink away.

The supervisor offered to comp my meal, but I declined. The satisfaction of getting to tell off a jackass customer with no fear of retribution was its own reward.