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(My mother is the difficult customer in this situation)

Mother: This “pimento encrusted steak… What exactly does that mean?”

(The description of the menu says exactly what it means)

Waitress: (kind of dumbfounded) Uhm… It means that they cook the steak for about two minutes, coat it in pimento cheese, and then sear it for the remainder of the time.

Mother: And that comes with fingerling potatoes? What exactly are those?

Me: You cook them at home all the time…

Mother: Shhh!

Waitress: Uhm… They’re just small potatoes…

Mother: Okay, can get those with mashed potatoes?

Waitress: Yes

(A little while later.. She didn’t really like the steak because it had pimento cheese on it… Which she knew when she ordered it… The waitress comes by noticing she didn’t eat much of it)

Waitress: Is everything okay? Do you like the steak?

Mother: Its okay… I wasn’t a fan of the cheese

(Later the manager comes over and asks my mother if she wants to send it back and my mother does)