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(I’m a fairly new partner at a large coffee franchise. During my third week, I had been assigned to the drive-thru, when a younger lady in a really nice BMW rolls up and orders three large hot drinks. Everything goes by smoothly as I hand her a tray with the three drink and she drives away. About ten minutes later she shows up at the drive-thru window again.)

Me: “Welcome back! What can I help you with?”

Lady: “While I was driving my tray fell over on my seat.”

Me: “Oh my goodness! Here, let me make you some new ones! Is your car ok?”

Lady: “Thank you so much! And yeah, hopefully I can clean it out when I get home!”

(Since the tray must have been unbalanced because it only had three drinks on it, I decide to place a large water in the last drink holder to balance it out.)

Me: “Here are your drinks, and I put a large water in the last spot on the tray to make it more stable for you.”

Lady: “That’s a good idea, sorry for making you guys remake my drinks! Have a good day!”

Me: “No problem, and you as well.”

(I felt really proud for making the best out of a bad situation, and the rest of the day goes by smoothly. The next day I overhear my manager talking about a formal complaint from corporate. Turns out when the lady got home, she called the head office and put in a nasty complaint about how she spilled her drinks in her car.)