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*My family has been running a restaurant for well over 2 decades now and about a year or two ago, we connected our restaurant with 2 websites so people could make orders online. My main job pack the food for take-out/delivery orders via telephone (but I could act in as a back-up waitress if needed). We received a relatively small order through our online machine and did our usual, packed it and sent it off with the delivery driver. However, when the customer received the order, she was not happy.*

Me: “Hello, [Restaurant Name], how may I help you?”

Lady: “There’s rice missing from my order.”

Me: “Alright then, let me have a look. Did you order online or through telephone?”

Lady: “Online through [connected website].”

Me: “Okay then, may I have your order number or address?”

Lady: *Gives address*

Me: “Let’s see here.” *Our restaurant is a bit old fashioned. We keep orders on hard copy only.* “Ma’am, there is no rice on your order.”

Lady: “Yes there is!”

Me: “Ma’am, no there isn’t. You only ordered an eggroll, a wonton soup, and a chicken curry. There is no rice on your order.”

Lady: “The curry always comes with rice!”

Me: “We have never offered rice with the curry. You must order it separately.”

Lady: “This is ridiculous! At every other restaurant, they always give me rice with my curry!”

Me: “I repeat, Ma’am, we have never served rice with our curry. You must order it separately. We are not connected to any other restaurant. This is a family owned restaurant.”

Lady: “I want to talk to your manager!”

*I go and get my uncle, who is the manager of the restaurant, and he basically repeats exactly what I said to the woman.*

Lady: “This is damn ridiculous! See if I make the mistake of ever ordering here again!” *Hangs up*

Me and my Uncle: “Good riddance.”