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(I work in a small hotel that is in a very popular city name. There are several other cities across the country with the same name as the one in which I work. This kind of phone call is all to common despite the fact that our website clearly displays the full location on our website and which state we are located in.)

Me: “Hello! This is [My Name] at [Hotel] in [City, State]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “Yes. Hello. I wanted a room for [dates].”

Me: “No problem. I can get you set up with that in just a moment. ”

Caller: “Oh yeah I can’t wait to see [popular attraction not in my state]. ”

(This is when it dawns on me that they don’t realize what state we are located in.)

Me: “Well sir. We are actually located in [City] within [State]. We are about 250 miles from [City] in [State] which is where it sounds like you want to go.”

Caller: “But you’re website says you are located in [City].”

Me: “Yes. But we are located in a different [State] then [popular attraction]. There are multiple [Cities] throughout the country and you have the wrong state.”

Caller: “But I want a [Hotel] in [City].”

Me: “We do have a location within that city in the correct state. Let me give you their number and they can help you out.

(Sometimes we don’t catch these incorrect errors and have to do a lot of room cancellations because of incorrect bookings. The worst is when the customer doesn’t realize their error and shows up to the completely booked other branch of our hotel located in another state expecting a room when they don’t have a correct reservation.)

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