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*In my city you have to purchase a rabies vaccine license/tag for your pet every year. At our office we offer them to be purchased through us, and then we send the paperwork in for clients.*

Customer (over phone): Hi, I was wondering why I didn’t get a rabies tag when I was in a few weeks ago?

Me: Ok let me go grab your chart and I’ll figure it out for you.

*I check the pet’s chart and confirm with the doctor that she declined to purchase a tag, and initialed saying that she declined to purchase one from us*

Me: Ok it looks like you declined the tag.

Customer: What does that even mean?

Me: Um…you didn’t want to buy it from us?

Customer: Well why would I say that?

Me: Umm….I don’t know….but it’s right here in the chart crossed out and initialed by you. Maybe you didn’t want to that day because your dog is intact so the tag would cost $80? I don’t know.

Customer: Well then I guess I didn’t know what I was signing.

Me: *Thinking how the hell it’s my problem that she initials things without understanding them* Oh…well, it was initialed as declined so….

Customer: I thought the tag came with the vaccine.

Me: Well, they’re usually done together, but they are separate charges. You pay for the vaccine, and then pay for the tag separately since that money goes to the county.

Customer: That’s not how I remember it being.

Me: ……

Customer: Well I’m going to look into this and call you back on Monday.

Me: *so confused* Ok…have a good night ma’am.

P.S. She never called us back.