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(A customer is trying to customize a sandwich, which is completely doable. However, I like to play around to try and get the customer the best deal, as each sandwich has a different price and meats and cheeses get charged extra, but don’t give money back when you take them off. Unfortunately, the woman I’m working with is incredibly impatient.)

Woman: “I told you, I’ve done this before, you just start with *more expensive sandwich.*”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but I’m–”

Woman: “Are you deaf? I told you, I’ve done this before, start with *more expensive sandwich* and add *various ingredients.”

Me: “Alright, ma’am.”

(I end up charging the woman about two dollars more than she needs to be charged, and she walks away looking very smug. I sigh heavily and perk back up for the next customer, a polite older man, who obviously saw what just occured.)

Man: “I’d like a dozen everything bagels, please.”

Me: “Yes, sir, would you like those sliced?”

Man: “Please.

Me: “Right away.”

(I prepare the bagels and then start ringing up the man. He pays and is generally friendly. Right before he leaves he leans in close.)

Man: “You know what? Every single person in customer service or retail or the food industry? Every single one of them should act just like you.”

Me: “Wha– thank you–”

Man: “I used to say that if you wanted good customer service you should go to *restaraunt down the street* but now I’m going to tell people to come here. What’s your name, miss?”

Me: “Oh– um– I’m *my name.* Thank you so much.”

Man: “Absolutely. You have a good day, young lady.”

Me: “Thank you, you too, sir.”

(Basically, that man brightened my entire week.)