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(I work at a deep dish pizza place. It’s a small family owned resteraunt. The deep dish pizza takes are 35-45 minutes, so on week days we let people order their pizza ahead since we’re not overly busy. On Fridays and Saturdays however, we cannot take call-aheads as we can’t reserve a table.) (this occurred on a busy Saturday)

Me: Thank you for calling [pizza place], this is [name] speaking, how can I help you?

Caller: My family and I are coming in to eat shortly, but we’d like to preorder our pizza.

Me: I’m sorry sir, but we don’t allow that on weekends. But feel free to come in and eat it and get some appetizers while you wait!

Caller: You’re a great saleswoman! They should give you a promotion!

Me: *laughing* well thank you! I hope we see you in here soon!

The caller hangs up, and the phone rings again not too long after.

Me: *repeats same greeting, but forgets to say my name*

Caller: I’m coming in very shortly. I just wanted to speak to a manger.

I walk over to the owner, who just adores me. She picks up the phone and I overhear the conversation.

Caller: so there’s no way I can call ahead on my pizza?

Owner: unfortunately not.

Caller: well, that stinks. But whoever I talked to recently need a promotion.

Owner: who were you speaking with? That’s very good to hear!

Caller: Her name was [my name]. She’s a great little business woman.

Owner: you know, you can go ahead and call ahead on the pizza. I’ll put her on the phone, and we’ll take that order.

Once on the phone, the man asked me what I suggested and I told him a basic cheese pizza. He ordered that and one other pizza.

After he arrived and was seated, he handed me the cheese pizza and thanked me for all the help!