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A woman comes up to me holding a scrap of fabric, the fabric is a stretchy net fabric, which has holes like a very fine fishing net but with lots of stretch.

Customer “I want something like this for a dress I am making”.

Me “I don’t think we have that fabric”

Customer “But I want something like it, doesn’t have to be exact”

Me “The closest we have would be our tulle netting”

Customer “I don’t want the holes like this one has, it has to be see through but with no holes”

Me “Sorry but we don’t have sheer stretch fabric”

Customer “I don’t want stretch fabric”

Me “Ok if you don’t want stretch sheer then I can suggest chiffon” I take her to the chiffon”.

Customer “Yes that will do, now get me this colour.”

Me *picks up closest we have “This is the closest we have that colour”.

Customer “I want this colour, where is it?”

Me “We don’t have that exact colour, I’ve just shown you the closest we have to that colour”

Customer “Well can’t you order it?”

Me “No because it doesn’t come in that exact tone”

Customer “Can’t you just tell them I want it in this colour, it’s sort of beigey”

Me “No, I can’t just order a ‘sort of beigey’ colour when the fabric isn’t made in that colour.”

Customer *snorts and leaves in a huff