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Customer: Can I get the, um, employee discount?
Me: No. You’re not an employee here.
Customer: No, it’s ok. I ALWAYS get that discount!
Me: If my manager were here, I’d ask her.. but she isn’t and I don’t want to get into any sort of trouble. I cannot give you an employee discount.
Customer: You won’t get in trouble! It’s a matter of pennies!!
Me: Ma’am, I cannot give you an employee discount.
Customer: Both of my two sons work here!
(There are only 4 of us who work there, none of us are male)
Me: I don’t know what to tell you, I can’t give you that discount. Your total comes to-
Customer: I KNOW THE OWNER! I’m friends with her!
(The owner of the store is not a woman…)
Me: That’s fantastic. I still can’t give you an employee discount. Now, your total is-
Customer: WELL THEN! I guess I’m taking MY business ELSEWHERE!
(As she’s leaving, Customer #2 pipes us with a comment that I’m *sure* the first customer must’ve heard as she walked out the door)
Customer #2: She wasn’t serious, was she? Does she not understand how ***employee*** discounts work?