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Having spent the majority of the day pushing 10 70lb carts up ramps, but baggers are needed inside. Dead tired, but there are 3 more hours until clock out so I go inside to help.
At the register. While bagging the current customers things to the their cart the next person inline complains:

Waiting Customer: Are you going to load my stuff on the conveyor belt?!
Me: (As I am still loading the current customers stuff into boxes and into their cart) Uh, Sure thing Ma’am. I just need to finish up with the person infront of you and I’ll help load your things unto the counter.
Waiting Customer: Geez, what the hell. Why can’t you help me? I’ve been shopping all day here. I’m tired and you can’t even get my stuff on the counter.
Me: Ma’am when I’m finished I’ll help you as soon as I can.
Waiting Customer: This is bullsh*t. You needs manners.

I ended up putting all her stuff on the counter after finishing with the previous customer.