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It was early morning and it was just me and the store manger. I was the current and only cashier. BTW, I’m male and a senior. Young gentleman comes in and buys about three 5-gal buckets of driveway sealer. I engage him in conversation and advise or suggest how to make the job easier since I’ve done it for many years. Seems interested and astute. Times comes to pay for merchandise. Cost is about $70.00. He decided to pay by credit card. We have swipe your own so that we cannot be accused of copying numbers or stealing cards. His card swipes do not work 3x’s in a row. I offer to do it for him. Now it’s a common practice for a clerk to take a card and “clean” it by wiping the card on one’s slacks then swiping it. Without hesitation I take his card and wipe it against my fresh and clean pants. He goes ballistic! Accuses me of corrupting his new card, which it was obviously not and ruining his credit! But the transaction goes through. He continues to bitch at about me. My manager helps him carry items to his car. When he turns my manager tells me the guy was ready to kill me. He told him he had better be kidding.

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