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Again my manager and I are the only ones in the store at this early morning. I’m the cashier until one of the gals gets in. A middle aged women comes in and buys several items. I ring her up and the total comes to $37 and change. She proceeds to pull out her credit card and I proceed to get the transaction ready for her to swipe the card. She does so and transaction completes but I as yet have given her the receipt. She suddenly speaks up that the total does not seem correct. I say OK lets look at it and we’ll make it right. But I also say let me complete the paperwork so we can look at what you bought.
Apparently she mistakenly took what she thought were sale items but instead grabbed the more expensive counter parts of the same thing. My manger says don’t worry, we’ll extend the sale price for those items to you. She seems happy. My mangers tells her that he will credit her credit card account for the difference.
Suddenly she says “No, you can’t do that.” He says that is the only way since you paid for it that way we will refund you the difference on your card. She continues to tell him he can’t do it. Then she points at me and says “He made me use my credit card and I did not want to.” Both me and my manager stood stunned for about 15 seconds trying to comprehend what she said.
She continued to argue over the savings she was going to get. Finally my manager threatens to not credit anything if she continues to argue. At which point she sighs and says OK.