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a husband and wife come up to me with a coworker who is from another department.

Coworker: This couple here is looking for a price on a really big poster.

Me: Ok, what size?

Coworker: six yards long…

Me: How long is three yards? how many inches in that?

Husband: WOW I can tell you went to school in Canada!

Me: … excuse me?

Husband: You don’t even know what a yard is!

Me: Well I know it’s similar to a metre, but I need to know the size in inches, ’cause that’s how we price it.

Husband: And you don’t know yards!?

Me: … no

Coworker: It’s 12×3

Me: … but that’s only 36… 36 inches can’t possibly be six yards

(the husband and wife are basically yelling over each other now, yelling at me for not understanding what my coworker was saying.)

Me: I just need to know the size in inches.

Coworker: yes and it’s 36, times six.

Me: You said it was 12 times 6!

Husband: There are 12 inches in a foot!

Me: … I know that

Husband: and three feet in a yard!

Me: Ok, I didn’t know that…

Husband: He told you already! It’s not that hard!

(At this point I’m thinking if isn’t hard, then why hasn’t he just told me the size in inches like I asked?)

(I pull out a calculator and figure out how many inches long it is, and then ask them how wide it is in inches. Of course he tells me in feet, and I have to do more math in my head to figure out how many inches it is. When I say out loud the inches, he says “yes” in a tone that makes me feel stupid.)

(I finally figure everything out)

Me: It would be about 45 bucks.

Husband: It’s about time!!!! That’s all I needed to know!