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( A young guy comes in around 2 am, with no reservation, and wants to check in. He gets upset when I tell him the price and starts being loud and obnoxious.)

Guy: “Why isn’t the price lower?!”

Me: “It’s just the price.”

Guy: *leers, trying to intimidate*

Me: “If you don’t like it go somewhere else.”

Guy: “I’ll go if I want to go!” *mumbles*

Me: “…”

Guy: “And what’s with the doors being locked! It’s like you all don’t want any customers to come in at this time.”

Me: “Checkin is at 3pm.”

Guy: “So?!”

Me: “Not 2 am.”

Guy: “Like I said! It’s like you don’t even want us! What kind of place is this!” *struts around*

Me: *getting fed up* “Ok, you really want to know why?”

Guy: “Yes!”

Me: “It’s so people who are late checkins, people like yourself, get here on the 3 pm checkin time and not in the middle of night! Now do you want this room or no?”

(He stared at me with his mouth wide open, then finally closed his jaw, handed me his credit card and ID, and didn’t say another peep until I had checked him in and gave him his keys and he was leaving.)

Guy: “I’m still getting a good discount, right?”