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A few years ago, I’m working the night shift at the cigarette counter.

A customer appraoches and asks to purchase some cigarettes, and will pay by EFTPOS. I process this, but when it comes to entering her PIN, the customer seems to have forgotten it. She enters it incorrectly twice, if she does it three times, the card will stop working.

Me : Just to let you know, if you enter the PIN incorrectly a third time, it will lock you card. You have one try left.

Customer : Urgh! It’s my boyfriend’s card, you see, but I know the PIN! I really do!

Me : Um, maybe try credit with a PIN? Maybe that’s the PIN number you know?

Customer : Oh, yea! Let’s try that!

Customer swipes the card again, then selects credit, but for some reason she also chooses to sign instead of entering a PIN. She signs the printed slip, but the signatures in no way match up.

Me : Ummm, these signatures do not match. I’m sorry but I can’t accept it.

Customer : That’s because it’s my boyfriend’s signature on the card, but I signed the paper! It’s me, I swear!

Me : I can’t accept it because they don’t match, sorry. Are you able to call your boyfriend and ask him the PIN number maybe?

Customer : No, we broke up a few days ago, I just wanted some cigarettes. Thanks though!

The customer left, and I had a very interesting story to tell my co-worker when she got back from break.

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