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(I am involved in a minor fender-bender that results in the driver’s side of the hood being dented in and the side mirror knocked off. My parents have my boyfriend and I take the car to the repair shop for an estimate, and are given a $3000 and three-day repair job, which my boyfriend (who is in school for automotive repair) had originally estimated at $300. Shocked at the price and still being on my family’s car insurance, I ask for a copy of the paperwork to show to parents so we can discuss our options. We decided that we don’t have much of a choice, so my mother calls the shop to schedule the repairs.)

Mother: Hi, my name is ________, and my daughter and her boyfriend were in yesterday to get an estimate on a repair job?
Technician (laughing like he knows something she doesn’t): Oh, yeah, I remember those two.
Mother: I’m sorry, what do you mean?
Technician (in a falsetto voice): Ohh, I have to go talk to my Daddy about these prices! (laughs)
Mother: I’m sorry, I don’t get what’s so funny here!
Technician: (silence)
Mother: She did the right the thing, she’s still on our insurance, and she was very scared, and right now, we are just very happy that no one was injured in this accident! You shouldn’t be laughing and making jokes about this!
Technician: …So anyways, if you want to bring in the car tommorow, we can start working on it.

(Both my parents were furious with this guy, who seemed to always make sure he was never in the waiting room or answering the phone whenever my parents stopped in. We continued to have more problems with this shop (such as them not calling us or the car rental company when they kept the car three days past the esitmated repair time) and have had issues with this same man mocking my mother and I the last time we took a car in after an accident. We definetly will not be going there again.)

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