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Customer: Excuse me, where is lentils?

Me: What are those?

Customer: Where are those?! I just asked you.

Me: No, ma’am, WHAT are they? Beans, noodles?

Customer: They’re…LENTILS!

Me: Ok, I’m sorry, I do not know what those are. If you can tell me something about them, I could probably find them for you.

Customer: They are usually with the beans, in a bag (I internally face palm), BUT I CHECKED THERE!

Me: Ok, wait RIGHT HERE, I will be back in 30 seconds, I’m pretty sure I know where they are.

(Go to bean aisle, where she checked, there they are. Come back, she is gone. Walk a few aisles and finally find her.)

Me: ma’am, are these it?

Customer: About time, yes, where did you find them?

Me: (internal sigh) On the bean aisle (points to giant sign that says canned vegetables/beans)

Customer: No, I looked down there. (Walks away)

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