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(I am checking on some product I represent. I am vendor, so I have good knowledge of my products but not everyone else’s. I help people as often as I can, but like to inform them I am not technically a store employee, so my authority and knowledge are limited. The current customer pull up with her basket and almost hits me.)

Customer: ah hem.

Me: Yes ma’am, how can I help you?

Customer: You just had a person check for bud lite for me, and they said you were out. They weren’t back there long enough to do anything though. Do you have any??

Me: Well Ma’am, I’m a vendor I don’t actually work for the store, so if an associate….

Customer: Well you shouldn’t wear their uniform! (I am wearing a black shirt and khaki pants, employees usually wears jeans/khakis, Blue shirt, and a vest with the store logo.)

Me: Well they usually wear blue, and have the vest on…

Customer: Well you are wearing khaki!

Me: Ok but I (quickly realizing it’s not worth it). Well you said an associate checked? Bud Lite is brought in by a vendor, if they checked and said they were out, then I’m sure they don’t have any.

Customer: Ugh! Fine. Don’t dress like them if you don’t work here! (Hurry’s off in a huff)