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(I’ve gone shopping for a tablet about a year ago before iPads had widget functionality.)

Salesman – Can I help you?

Me – Yes please. I’m trying to decide between the Android tablets you have for sale. Can you tell me a bit about their differences?

Salesman – Oh, iPads are much better.

Me – Okay… I’d prefer an Android one please, probably [Brand].

Salesman – Why wouldn’t you get an Apple?

Me – Well, for a start my phone is an [Android model], meaning I’ll get better integration with an Android tablet. Secondly, I like widgets and iPads don’t do them.

Salesman – You can totally get widgets on iPads!

(You totally couldn’t. I carried on looking, ignoring the salesman who kept trying to drag me over to the Apple section, and eventually decided on an Android one despite his repeated efforts.)

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