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I work at a popular fast-food chain in the SE Wisconsin area. I’ve been asked blatantly obvious and dumb questions every day, but I feel like my Cherry Coke story beats all of them.

I’m pretty sure this was a Friday night during the Lent season, so our restaurant is LOADED with people in both the dining room and at the drive thru. Me and one of my good friends we on drive together when my friend was asked this simple question:

Customer: Do you have Cherry Coke?

Drive Partner: No, I’m sorry, we do not, we have Pepsi products.

Customer: Oh, well, do you have Cherry Pepsi?

Drive Partner: No ma’am, we do not. The closest thing we do have is Dr Pepper.

Customer: Well could you put an Cherry in my Coke?

Drive Partner (who was starting to get irritated): Ma’am, we have Pepsi. Is Pepsi ok?

Customer: I guess whatever just put a cherry in my come.

Drive Partner: Ok…. well your total is -$$- please pull forward.

After she left the speaker, me and my partner were talking about how terrible that went and how anyone could be that stupid. When they got to the drive window, one of my other co-workers, who was actually let go the other day, looked over and yelled, “Oh my god it’s my cousins!!!” And ran over to the window to talk to the people in the car. Needless to say, me and my drive partner were talking complete smack about the customer when little did we know that the people in the car were related to one of my other co workers. A little embarassing, but in the end, I only put one single cherry in their PEPSI and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even notice a difference.