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(It’s nearly the end of my shift, and I’m getting ready to leave. A frowning man with an air of impatience in a suit comes up.)

Man: “I need a taxi.”

(Usually I ask for their room number instead of their name because it saves time.)

Me: “Ok, what’s your room number?”

Man: “NO. I DON’T want to put it on my room!!”

Me: “No, I need it for your name.”

Man: “My name’s” *says very complicated and long name*

Me: *rubbing temples* “Sir, can you just tell me your room number? I won’t charge it to there, I promise.”

(He finally says it and I enter it in an online booking for a taxi.)

Me: “Where to?”

Man: “You ask so many questions! I’m in a hurry you know!”

Me: “The TAXI COMPANY is asking, not me.”

Man: “Oh well why didn’t you say?”

(He gives me the destination and I book it.)

Me: “Ok it’s booked.”

Man: “Well where is it?!”

Me: “It’ll pull up right in front SIR.” *points where* “In 10 minutes.”

(He scowls but finally backs off. I go to punch out, say good bye to my coworker, and leave for my car in the parking lot. Note that it takes only 5 minutes for me to do these things. On the way out, I nearly slam into the man on my way to my car. He blocks me from leaving.)

Man: “Where is it?! I’ve waited and waited! It’s not here! Did you really call?”

Me: “Yes I’ve booked it online.”

Man: “Well where is it!”

Me: “I don’t know, maybe there’s traffic? Excuse me! I have to go.”

(I push past him and drive home. I don’t know if the taxi ever came, but I pity my coworker if it didn’t!)