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I work in a relatively quiet stationery store in a small town. I speak fluent Polish as it’s my first language but most people don’t realise that since I don’t have a foreign accent and speak fluent English. It’s a Sunday afternoon, the store is set to close in half an hour, I’m restocking the glues isle whilst a Polish couple walks in and starts browsing. They speak to each other in Polish whilst looking at the stock.

Lady: I really want a diary with metric conversions, like, you know, metres to centimetres, grams to kilograms, but I’m not sure if they do it, can’t find one.

Man: Ask the assistant then.

Lady: Oh, no she seems like a dumbass, she probably won’t even know what I mean, since she’s English.

They walk up to the counter with some plastic pockets, I ring them up through the till with a huge smile on my face.

Lady: *in a very square accent* Do you accept college card?

Me: Tak, akceptujemy. Razem to bedzie £3.49. [in english: yes, we do accept them, that will be £3.49 altogether]

The lady’s face completely dropped when she realised I understood every word she said about me, she didn’t even present her college discount card in the end and rushed off once she paid.

Me: Do widzenia! [in english: See you soon!]