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(Lady walks up to register with ice cream. I was cleaning my register so I heard the whole exchange happen to my friend on register. The ice cream was on sale for $1.50.)
Cashier: Your total is $1.60
Lady: It can’t be $1.60! It’s on sale for $1.50!
Cashier: It rang up as $1.50 ma’am but you have to pay 10 cent in tax.
Lady: No! It’s $1.50!
Cashier: I understand. You still have to pay tax.
Lady: No! It’s supposed to be $1.50!
(They went back and forth like this for a while before she finally gave in and paid. After paying she went to the customer service desk and complained to my manager for ten minutes before he gave up and gave her a dime just to get rid of her. He came over to me and my coworker)
Manger: Who doesn’t understand tax?