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(I’m working the front door at a warehouse-style store that requires people to show membership cards or be with a member in order to enter. A middle-aged guy is entering the store)

Me: Hi there, can I please see your membership card?

Guy: My wife is already inside.

Me: Alright, next time just make sure to arrive togethe-

Guy: Oh, f*ck off!

(He then starts walking away)

Me: Sir, you can go inside; I was just letting you know for futur-

(Before I can finish the sentence, he waves me off and walks into the parking lot. About 10 minutes after that, he returns with his wife. She had first entered the store about 30 minutes before her husband first arrived, and made no mention of him)

Woman: This is ridiculous! I’ve been waiting for my husband inside for almost an hour, and I found out you didn’t even let him into the store!

Me: Ma’m, I did let your husband know that he could enter.

Guy: No you didn’t!

Me: *somehow resisting the urge to inform her that her husband had ignored me and told me to f*ck off 10 minutes ago* I apologize for any inconvenience, you both can come in now if you’d like.