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I work at a gym that is across from a football field used by the general public. Quite often people come in from the football field asking to use our bathrooms. We have signs on all of our doors labeled “No public restrooms” but still constantly get people trying to sympathize their way in. A mother and her daughter come into the club and the following conversation ensues.
Daughter: *With an attitude* I have to use the bathroom, where is it?
Me: Are you members here?
Daughter: No.
Me: I’m sorry but unfortunately we do not have public restrooms but the fie-
*Mother cuts me off*
Mother: My daughter is on her period and she needs to use the bathroom!
Me: Again, I’m sorry but I can’t let you use our bathrooms as it is company policy but the field offers porta-pottys to its users.
Mother and daughter leave mumbling under their breath angrily. I’m guessing it wasn’t just the daughters time of the month.