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(I work in a small shop. I’m just about to lock the front door when a woman comes rushing in. This happens quite often and people spend ages in the shop when we’re supposed to have closed).

Me: Sorry, we’ve just closed.
Customer: I need to come in, it’s my daughters birthday. I only want one thing.

(As we haven’t cashed up the till yet, I let her in. She goes straight to the counter and chooses a balloon. These take at least 10 minutes to fill, decorate and ring up. She wants to pay with card).

Me: Sorry, we don’t accept card purchases under £5.
Customer: What? Why are you telling me this now?
Me: There is a sign on the door, Madam, and one on the counter.
Customer: Well let me get some cash out then.
Coworker: Sorry, we closed 15 minutes ago. Do you have any cash on you?
Customer: (Throwing her credit card onto the counter) Does it look like I do? Just put it £5 and give me the difference in cash.
Coworker: We can’t actually do that, Madam.
Customer: You know what, f*** you, I’ve driven half an hour to get here, it’s my daughters 21st birthday and I want to pay by card. I’m not having you tell me otherwise. Just put it on my f****** card.

(We both know she lives around the corner, as I see her at the local shops almost every day and know her car. She continues to swear about how long it took her to get here).

Coworker: You know what, I’m going to ask you to leave. I won’t be spoken to like that. Have a nice day.
Customer: (Snatching up her card and walking out of the door) I hope your daughter doesn’t make it to her 21st birthday.

(I am standing there totally gobsmacked).

Coworker: (locking the door) Thankyou, enjoy your evening.

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