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(I work in a store that sells both adult a children’s tshirts. The kids’ tees usually go for $10 each when you buy 2 or their regular price when you purchase just one which could be 12, 14, or 16.95.)

Customer: I need to buy one of these, *points to the kids’ tees* are these the only one you have in [character]? I already bought these two *points to the only other two shirts with the character she wants* last week.
Me: yes, unfortunately these are the only ones we have for that character.
Customer: so how much are they?
Me: *pointing to the sign on the table* $10 each with a purchase of two or more! Just one is *picks up the tag of another shirt on the table with a different character* $16.95!
Customer: I bought two of these last week and they were $10.
Me: yup, they were $10 because you bought two!
Customer: No! They were just $10 each. The man told me when I had just brought up one so I went and got another.
Me: I’m assuming he was encouraging you to get another so that you could get the best deal possible!
Customer: No! I saw it ring up as only $10 with just one!
(I had been working every day the week before, and almost every day all the weeks prior and we haven’t had a tshirt sale in almost 2 months so it was very unlikely that they would have rung up that way)
Me: Unfortunately, that’s not the case right now, and it wasn’t as far as I knew last week. I can show you at the register how it would ring up if you’d like.
Customer: No, I don’t need you to SHOW me.
Me: *not sure what to say because I don’t know what she wants me to do for her so I just wait for her to say something else*
Customer: So they’re $10 each?
Me: With the purchase of two or more, yes!
Customer: And just one is $16.95?
Me: I believe so.
Customer: Ridiculous! *picks up shirt she wants and goes to pay*
(A few minutes later she’s leaving and she angrily says “it was $12.95!” It must have been a different price than the character whose tag I picked up to check the price for her. She paid way less than I told her and what she was expecting to both times, so I’m still not sure what she was so angry at the whole time)