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I work at a clothing store geared toward mainly high school aged girls. It’s back to school time so many parents have been coming in with their kids. My job on this particular day is to greet customers as they come in, tell them about our deals, and try to help them find what they came in for. This is my first customer of the day, a woman with her teenage daughter.

Me: Hi there! How’s it going?
Customer: I’m fine.
Me: Good! What brings you in today?
(The mother slowly turns to me as though she has just heard the most ridiculous question, then gestures toward the store)
Customer: Uh… clothes shopping?
Me: Haha! Alright then. Well I just wondered if there was anything I could help you find today.
(The woman’s expression becomes more indignant and bewildered as she registers what I just said)
Customer: Uhh… No? We literally just started!

(At this point, the woman shoots a disbelieving glare at my coworker behind me, as though she can’t believe what she is hearing. Her daughter remains silent and expressionless. I then realize I’m fighting a losing battle and after a short pause to regroup, I continue.)

Me: …Alright! Well, here are our deals today…

(After I give her my obligatory speech and she walks away, I turn to my coworker, who the customer had glared at before, and she is almost in tears from laughter.)

Coworker: I have to tell you, I had to turn my back I was laughing so hard. I’ve never seen someone so confused by being greeted before!