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(My family owns a campground on Lake Miltona, so during the summer everyone has a week to run the place. This happened when I was only two and my Mom was running the campground alone, she walks over to the front row of campers.)

Customer One: ‘This was my spot, why the f*** are you parked here?!’

Customer Two: ‘You left, it’s not your spot anymore!’

(At the point my Mom rushes over with me in her arms.)

My Mom: ‘Hey! You two need to stop yelling right now, there are kids here!’

Customer One: ‘Shut up b****!’

Customer Two: *To my Mom* ‘Who the hell are you?’

My Mom: ‘I’m the one that checked you in, now if you keep screaming I’m going to call the cops.’

Customer One: *scoffs* ‘Well I’m the Owner of this place you stupid b****.’

(People have tried to pull that several times before and they still do.)

My Mom: ‘Oh really? *She turns and points at each camper as she talks* Well there’s my camper, my in-laws’ camper, my Dad’s camper, and my Aunt’s camper, now where’s your camper? In a visitor’s lot? How odd for the Owner to be there.’

(Customer One turns all shades of red and stutters for a bit.)

Customer Two: ‘I’m really sorry.’

My Mom: ‘It’s alright, just please walk away.’

(Customer Two nods and walks back to his own lot.)

Customer One: ‘Wait! That j****** is still in my spot.’

My Mom: ‘This is a public spot, find somewhere else to park or I’m going to call the cops and have you removed.’

(After some bickering Customer One goes and parks in the back row spaces, the funny part is that his lot was in the back row. We still don’t know why he wanted that spot in the front row so badly!)