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(I fix computers at our company. Working a little passed closing hours, about to close up shop, and I see a customer walking in. I greet him and inform him we have been closed for 10 minutes now, but ask him if I may help anyways.)

Customer: I need to put in an order.
Me: Sir, you need to contact your sales rep to place an order.
Customer: I don’t have a rep, I just need to put in an order.
Me: Sir, it is after hours, our sales guys are gone, let me give you their number.
Customer: (see’s the warehouse through the open door) I see your parts right there, why can’t you just grab it?
Me: Sir, a sales order can only be created by a sales rep. I am a technician, I cannot create sales orders.
Customer: I just need a g** d*** handle!!
Me: (confused) What kind of handle are you talking about? Most computers don’t have handles.
Customer: Computer?! I need a door handle!
Me: Sir, you are in the wrong building. This is [Company Name]. [Correct company] is next door.
(Customer storms out, and I laugh as I close up shop. I go to my car and see the same customer in the parking lot next door.)
Customer: Uh, hey?! Do you have any idea how I can contact these guys?!
Me: Sorry, sir I don’t work for them, and have no idea. What’s their business hours?
Customer: 9 AM – 5 PM
Me: Sir, it is 5:30 PM. Please come back tomorrow, and go to the correct building. Have a good rest of the evening!

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