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I work for the reception at an insurance company. I’m alone when this happens. An elderly couple walks in, the husband disoriented wandering away from the counter.

*me*: can I help you?

*wife*: dear, we have to use the machine (goes to the ticket machine, husband following)

a young woman enters, and comes straight to me

*customer #1*: Hi I’m looking for travel claims?

*me*: you’ll have to take a number, I’m afraid. Lets just wait for them to finish and i’ll …

another customer has now entered, and, standing at the back, yells at me

*customer #2*: who can help me, I just had a car accident!

customer #1 has moved to the back of the old couple, who are still trying to figure out the ticket machine, hopelessly.

*me*: you’ll have to take a number, please, with the claims department

she barges in front of the old couple, distracting the husband, so he wanders over to me

*husband*: I have some …questions … about insurance

*customer#2*: what do I press?

*me*: give me just a second, sir (to customer#2) press claims services and then press automobile claims

she takes her number and walks in the wrong direction

*me*: (to customer #2)… and they will call your number over here (I gesture to the opposite end of the lobby. She obeys.)

the wife now approaches me, allowing customer#1 to use the machine. she looks just as baffled by it

*wife*: we need some information about our insurance policy

*me*: give me just a second, (to customer #1) Pick claim services and then travel claims

*customer #1*: ok, thank you

*me*: you will have to take a number for that, please pick customer service, and then press next available

the wife goes to the machine, dictating what she’s doing. The husband still stands over me, mumbling about insurance.

Meanwhile the two other customers have gone, so I assume their numbers have been called, when a rep from car claims comes up to me

*rep*: I got a number, is it them?

*me*: no, they’re going to customer service

I look around and see customer #2, who had his number, sitting at the far side of the office with a rep from property claims

*me*: that’s your customer over there

*rep*: you gotta make sure they take the right number, [name]

*me*: I did, she has your number (to the couple) your number will be called in a second, thank you

*rep*: be more careful next time, please, We’re busy over here (storms off)

*me*: (to myself) and I’m not?

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