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(In this particular case, I’m the customer. While waiting for my train to arrive at the station, I went up to a kiosk run by an elderly Chinese couple to buy snacks for the trip).

Me: *at the register* This’ll be everything.

Cashier: *rings up my items* Your total is $8.65

I hand her a 10$ bill and insist she keeps the change, I didn’t have any pockets at the time and the change was small enough to not be a big deal. Immediately her face lights up and she starts thanking me. After she bags my items, I go back to stand with my friend where she’s browsing for a couple things, and she goes up to ring her items through a few minutes later.

Friend: *places items on the counter* Alright, we’re ready.

Cashier: Thank you, your total will be $7.50

Me: *I cut in front of my friend* I’ll be covering it as well.

I hand the woman another 10$ and tell her again to keep the change. At this point she looks like she’s ready to cry. She takes extra care wrapping the items with an ear to ear smile on her face.
As my friend and I go and sit on a nearby bench, we can see her pointing me out to her husband as she excitedly tells him what happened. Knowing that I probably made their week always cheers me up when I’m feeling down.

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