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(The customer in question asks to look at a pack of sandpaper. After fetching it I note that it explicitly says ‘hand sandpaper’)
Customer: No, no, the machine would pull this stuff apart.
Me: Sir, might I suggest finding the correct sanding sheets for your machine? We have a lot of different ones.
Customer: No, No, I need a good strong one that I can cut down to size.
Me: Sir, the box says ‘hand sandpaper’ that means that it’s not designed to take the stress that would be forced on it by a sanding machine. It’s designed to be used by hand.
(The customer completely ignores me, repeats himself, and then talks about trying to find ‘better sandpaper’ I had to fight not the facepalm before finishing the order, but fortunately, I was able to get away from the tills and plant my head on the manager’s desk, out of sight of the tills.)
Manager: Is everything all right?
Me: I thought that it was difficult to be dumb in the building trade, someone proved me wrong.