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(We are primarily a wholesaler to builders and similar trades. The customer is complaining about a draught in his home and asks to look at some insulation, which looks like silver bubble wrap, at which point he kicks off, complaining about his home being cold, but what drives me over the edge)
Customer: I know what you are trying to pull here, this is just a gimmick!
Me: Sir! I’m fairly new to this job, but I can tell you that this insulation is based on the same principles as a thermal mug. There are three ways heat energy transfers, one is conduction, and this requires a solid. This is why there are bubbles of air in this insulation. Second is convection, which passes through liquids and gases, that is why the bubbles are small. Finally, there is radiation, which does not require either, however, heat transfer in this format is affected by the colour of the material in question. Silver is the worst conductor of heat radiation.
Customer: … *gets a paper and pen* Can you repeat that all for me? I really need to write this down.
(the sad part, I learned this during my GCSEs, and I’m in my late twenties now.)

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