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[I am ringing up paints for a customer. This particular brand of paint is part of a promotion where if you buy a certain quantity, they all get discounted.]

Me: Alright, your total is [total].

Customer: Wait, can I also use the coupon to get 50% off?

Me: Unfortunately, that particular coupon can’t be combined with the promotion. If you applied it towards your purchase today, it would only take the discount from one of the paints, and the remaining paints aren’t enough to qualify for the promotional discount, so you’d be paying full price for them, as opposed to simply purchasing all the paints without the coupon and getting the discount from this week’s promotion on them.

Customer: But with the coupon, I’d be saving more, right?

Me: Hmm… I’ll have to calculate that out just to be sure…

[I get some scratch paper out to calculate the customer’s hypothetical total if he were to use the coupon, and compare it to his original total without it. Meanwhile, I notice that he is searching for the coupon to load up on his phone.]

Me: …Umm, sir? You’ll only be saving ten cents with the coupon.

Customer: Ah, well nevermind, then! At least I tried. Thank you for your patience doing the calculations with me!

[He pays for the paints without the coupon and leaves. I let out a sigh of relief.]